Cartoon Art Project

In March, I worked together with three other cartoonists on an art project for the new headquarters of vfonds, a Dutch NGO with a focus on peace, freedom, democracy and international law. Together, we created 72 cartoons telling the story of the Second World War, the reconstruction of Europe (and the Netherlands in particular), the Cold War and the construction of an international order, and the rise of freedom and democracy in Europe (and the world).

My 18 panels (below) focus on reconstruction after the war. Get an impression of the complete artwork here.





In Dutch: Gaskraan Open/Dicht

171103 GaskraanCartoon voor Milieudefensie: De gaskraan in Groningen moet nu dicht, maar Exxon en Shell - de eigenaren van de NAM - kunnen de Nederlandse overheid aansprakelijk stellen voor de winst die ze mislopen door die beslissing.

Counter-Terrorism Versus Civil Society

170817 WWP cartoon

A cartoon I did for the Women Peacemakers Program about the negative impact of counter-terrorism financing regulations on civil society space. Complex but very important subject matter on how anti-terrorism policies interfere with human rights activism (and sometimes are even actively used by oppressive governments to stop human rights organizations).