Animating Historical Political Cartoons


One of the coolest projects I’m currently working on is developing a workshop for young visual artists creating animations using political cartoons from the late 19th and early 20th century, giving them new relevance.

The project is hosted by the The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, which features an extensive archive of Dutch political cartoons.

The animation here is based on a cartoon from 1915 by famous Dutch cartoonist Albert Hahn about the sinking of the Lusitania in the First World War.

The workshop will be on May 11, and will be in Dutch (will post a Dutch promo later). So if you're a Dutch visual artist and you're interested in discovering historical cartoons and learning what you can with them (they're all in the public domain), you can sign up here.

Een Vandaag

For the Dutch: voor Een Vandaag keek ik naar documentaire Je suis Charlie: L‘humour á Mort, een eerbetoon aan alle slachtoffers van de aanslag op satirisch weekblad Charlie Hebdo. Hieronder het TV-item en hier de link naar het radio-item.

Cartooning For Peace

LOGO-CFP-HD1I am delighted to have been accepted as a new member of Cartooning for Peace.

Cartooning for Peace aims to promote a better understanding and mutual respect between people of different cultures and beliefs using editorial cartoons as a universal language. Cartooning for Peace facilitates meetings of professional cartoonists of all nationalities with a wide audience, to promote exchanges on freedom of expression and recognition of the journalistic work of cartoonists. Cartooning for Peace also provides protection and legal assistance to cartoonists working in difficult environments, as well as advice and support in the exercise of their profession.

Sketch Freedom

The second edition of Sketch Freedom, an international cartoon expo, will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden in early 2015. Organized by exiled Iranian cartoonist and activist Kianoush Ramezani, the expo is an official event of the Gothenburg Film Festival, and brings together the work of many great cartoonists from all corners of the globe.


The 'Sketch Freedom' movement started in 2013 in Normandy, the same place that thousands of humans sacrificed their lives to end the Second World War and give freedom to the people of Europe. It’s a world movement for exiled cartoonists that is proudly hosted by Le Mémorial de Caen. The movement, founded by Kianoush Ramezani, premiered last year in Gothenburg.

The second Sketch Freedom Expo, officially sponsored by Le Mémorial de Caen, will show artworks that manifest the value of freedom of expression, by the world's top cartoonists. Their cartoons are published in the major world journals like the New Yorker, the Washington Post, Courrier International, the Moscow Times, El Universal, Le Droit, etc.

Participating cartoonists are:

Adjim Danngar - Chad
Angel Boligan - Mexico
Ann Telnaes - USA
Ayako Saito - Japan
Cristina Sampaio - Portugal
Damien Glez - Burkina Faso
Elena Ospina - Colombia
Eray Ozbek - Turkey
Guy Badeaux - Canada
Hassan Karimzadeh - Iran
Jaume Capdevila - KAP - Spain
Jim Morin - USA
Kianoush Ramezani - Iran
Liza Donnelly - USA
Peter Broelman - Australia
Phil Umbdenstock - France
Riber Hansson - Sweden
Tjeerd Royaards - Netherlands
Victor Bogorad - Russia
Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine
Zulkiflee Anwar Haque - Zunar - Malaysia

God IS Goed


Cartoon for the Dutch (translation of the text: God IS Good).

Deze cartoon maakte ik in opdracht voor Boomerang. De afbeelding is op een ansichtkaart gedrukt, waarvan 100.000 exemplaren door het land zijn verspreid in rekken bij cafe's, theaters en bioscopen.

De kaart heeft nogal wat ophef veroorzaakt. Hieronder een beknopt overzicht:

De Telegraaf
RTL nieuws

Onder andere bioscoopketen Pathe besloot de kaart uit de rekken te halen. Desondanks besloot Boomerang om de kaart niet terug te trekken.


De kaart en de ophef werden ook besproken op TV:

Interview bij NOS op 3
NOS journaal 17 oktober 2014